SOT CERAMIC'S STUDIO is a craft industry devoted to manufacture gift and decoration articles in ceramic, being its principal product lines the prestigious Gaudí collection and a growing modernist inspiration line, all of them hand painted.

Through the personalized gift line, we work in cooperation with marketing and creative departments from publicity agencies, and also with artists and companies commercializing exclusive decoration products.

SOT CERAMIC'S STUDIO also has a section of its production addressing gifts for tourists, named "Barna Shop", which has high quality levels while maintaining an adequate price for this sector. In this products line the ceramic is also used.

SOT CERAMIC'S STUDIO actively participates in the Spanish Art Nouveau architectonic heritage being one of the favorite companies for this kind of jobs, with important works done in Catalunya.
We have collaborated with all the government stratum such as: City Council, Generalitat de Catalunya, Diputació de Barcelona

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